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How to choose a good quality acrylic display stand?2021-01-15 15:20:00   Hits:11578
Acrylic display must have a strict quality management system to ensure the quality and process of products. Only from the management, can we really ensure that the quality and process of each batch of products meet the requirements. So how do our quality inspectors grasp the quality?

1. Unparalleled outdoor weather resistance, panel coated with high concentration of UV absorber, metal base sprayed with imported car paint, long-term weather resistance, no fading, service life up to 5-8 years.

2. The transparent plate is as clear and transparent as crystal, which is 200 times that of glass products. There is almost no risk of fracture.

3. The surface is glossy, smooth and even. The light transmittance is as high as 93%. The light transmittance is excellent, soft and dazzling.

4. There are transparent, translucent, milky white and other colors and different surface effects, using new polyester materials, hot bending molding or plane edge, metal bottom with built-in light source, very visual impact.

5. The processing performance is excellent; when making signboards and signs with outstanding visual effect by thermoforming, the processing is simple and the cost is reasonable. Exquisite workmanship, full font mirror effect, no fold, no seam on the base, all riveting parts are not exposed.

6. The waste quilt can be recycled thoroughly and easily. Good light transmission performance, the corresponding reduction of light source products, save electricity, reduce the cost of use.

7. Excellent surface hardness and scratch resistance, the product has a good protection for the built-in light source, extending the service life of the light source products.

8. Good chemical resistance, superior to most other plastic materials.

9. It is easy to clean, maintain and keep the appearance of signboards and light boxes as new all the year round. It has reasonable design, rainproof and moisture-proof, open structure and easy maintenance.

According to the nine quality control standards of acrylic display rack listed above, you can check whether the acrylic display rack you purchased is qualified according to these standards in turn. Therefore, I would like to remind you that when you customize acrylic display rack again, you'd better first make samples to see the effect, and then judge which manufacturers can cooperate according to these nine standards.

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